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We are the Cleveland Leadership Institute

Our goal is to raise up godly and mature leaders who model, as well as practice, WIN-WIN leadership. Our school’s goal is to bring “heart”-healthy leaders into the church and the marketplace. We will employ a 3-day-transformation process for seasoned and emerging leaders that involves 3-modules.

Consider this your invitation into a life-changing self-transformation LEADERSHIP process. Our intensive ministers to:

1. The HEART — Experiencing deep, permanent heart-healing so necessary, authentic change can take place in the leader’s behavior.

2. The HEAD — Building a “safe” and “secure” leader empowered to live the biblical mandate: “Love does no harm to it’s neighbor.”  (Romans 13:10)

3. The HEARING/HANDS — Removing hinderances and obstacles to hearing the true voice of God so the leader can practically, promptly and biblically respond to God’s directives in their lives.

Our growth process utilizes heart-penetrating, biblical teaching; individual & group, interactive exercises and practice; listening prayer; and Spirit-led, personal ministry.


Seasoned Leaders

Emerging Leaders

Leaders in Crisis



To discover your true LEADERSHIP potential

To catalyze your leadership abilities

To experience true, profound release in your heart to fully discover God’s creative purpose

To find freedom from leadership-diminishing attitudes and behaviors

To recover & reset from a wounded, hurt, discouraged heart 

To learn how to bring the best out in others

To become the best leader you can be

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