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“The dream is alive.”


“This was a “good God” experience.  How blessed I feel to be a part of your launch.”


“ Dynamite. Truly a heart surgery.”


#Dream Achieved


Your approach to the critical vital truths of heart and personal examples are leaving no stone unturned as our soil is being fertilized! And that’s Fantabulous.


“Dunamis Teaching!” Thank you, Blessed of the Lord.


I am so grateful for the content. So much truth. I feel safe!


This kind of truth is needed for every man and woman of God who is serious about making an impact. Keep it up!


Leaving today pensive, encouraged and blessed. Thank you for this powerful ministry and all that went into it.




Thank God for your obedience.


Thank you for letting God use you to touch so many lives. Thank you for being open and obedient. Transparency is the key.


You have helped His people and continue to help them. Thank you for your transparency honesty and LOVE!


You are so loved. Thank you for being obedient to the voice of the Lord to start your school. Because you believe I can believe too!


Thank you both for your testimonies.


We love you and we are GRATEFUL!

Happy you stepped out the boat!


Thank you for seeing the need in me for Jesus. You encouraged me to come here so I wouldn’t miss my destiny.


Thank you for being concerned with the heart of us and not our works! Thank you for preparing the way of the Lord!




Great motivation + topics.  Deep truths requiring Deep contemplation.


Thank you for walking into the vision + the dream God has given you. This weekend revived me, gave clarity in purpose, + instruction to go forth! THANK YOU!


Thank you for caring about my heart.


Because of your obedience to God to start CLI – He has given me an elevation in the spirit – another mantle. Praise the Lord!


Amazing teaching today. I am looking forward to tomorrow.


This is one of the BEST training schools I have been to! The curriculum is SO RICH & the environment peaceful & full of God’s spirit. So much work has clearly gone into this and it shows!



Today was so edifying. I was deeply challenged and still am.Thank you!




Things were exposed that I had no clue even existed. What freedom to be able to dispel the lie I didn’t even know existed.


What a gift for the body of Christ


Thank you for bringing my heart back to my best friend, and for helping me realize that I have been missing my best friend and He has been missing me.


I have NEVER received ministry like this. I didn’t know my heart could be ministered to in such a way. The way God moves through you all shows me that UNION.


Thank you for selflessly pouring into us. You don’t do it for money, that’s why God is going to bless you with lots of it!


This has been what I have been waiting for. I didn’t even know what I needed but God knew.  So, I could experience it, he downloaded it to you.


To God be the glory great things He has done. We praise god for the school & the freedom we/I got.


Empowering! Inspiring! Powerful! Freedom! Glorious! Thank God!


Amazing !!

I came looking for help in ministry and leadership. God spoke and said I need to focus on family first and gave me the material I needed for that. Thank you.


Ignite 3 Days Leadership is soooo good. Felt the Holy Spirit from beginning to end. We are blessed beyond words.

Thank the Lord for Apostle John and China for their heart that we learn to do the same. I declare that all of their needs will be blessed, given to them from heaven and they will overflow to the max.


I’m leaving here more confident in 1. My ability to hear God’s word and 2. The call He has over my life. It will take several days (weeks?) to digest all I consumed. I was very well fed.


Thank you for bringing my heart back to the Father. I’ll forever be grateful (and I believe He is too J) God bless you!


Although I tried to fight God about why I needed to be here I’m glad I was obedient. This weekend was a huge blessing!! Love you both!


Dear Chandler & China,

Thank you for being Jesus’ mouthpieces to speak the oracles of God – Not one word more, Not one word less….And then allowing the Holy Spirit to take over completely.


You work good as a unit.


We Honor you. You are a gift to the body of Christ.








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