Our Curriculum

3 Day Transformation

The first portion of this 3-day-transformation process will focus on the HEART because God concentrates on the heart (1 Sa. 16:17). The heart is the true reflection of the inner person (Pr. 27:19). The heart is the center of all action and potential in a person’s life (Pr. 4:23), and Jesus said all behavior and words come from the heart. (Mt. 12:34-35, 15:11-20). Biblically speaking, we must begin there. The HEART section probes to see how the leader truthfully perceives God. After all, God personally testified regarding David that He was a man after his “own heart.” (Acts 13:22)

Teaching and prayer ministry will target pain, wounds, childhood lies, hidden inner vows,  debilitating memories and other issues in the heart to bring release from any bondage and any dysfunction which triggers unhealthy, un–Christlike and/or unwanted behavior. A good leader possesses a healthy, whole heart that operates with pure, servant-hearted, love-driven, Christ-like actions and motives. Before there can be any tangible growth or measurable improvement in a person’s behavior and actions, the human heart must experience deep healing that liberates it to function according to God’s original design. No real change takes place in the person’s behavior without healing and transformation in the heart, hence our decision to make it the starting point.

The importance of your heart

The importance of truth in the Scriptures

The second portion will focus on the HEAD or the leader. It delves into creating and building in the leader an others-first mentality and life perspective because the leader is becoming more secure in Christ. How the leader views him/herself has a direct impact on how they treat others—whether as resources to be used or as fellow image-bearers of God to be cherished and developed into their God-given potential. Christ came expressly to put us first in all that He did on earth in pursuit of the self-sacrificing vision of God. (Philippians 2:1-11; Lk. 22:20-27; Mt. 20:28). His chief purpose in coming down from heaven was to love us into the arms and will of God. His earthly vision never exploited, abused or misused others to accomplish his divine purpose here; he always lifted others up. Even when He spoke truth to His followers, he did so “in love.”
So, we will investigate in-depth what motivates and guides the leader’s behavior and actions through teaching and prayer ministry. We will emphasize the necessity to strive as a primary objective to “bless” the follower’s  life, relationships, goals, aspirations, dreams, etc. Evaluation will take place as to whether the participating leader is healthy and “safe” enough to consistently esteem others above themselves as Christ did. A “safe” leader is someone who wholly pilots their personal and corporate leadership through the maxim that demands that “love does NO harm to the other person.” (Rom. 13:10). Any and all self-centered, egotistical, self-preservationist, my calling/vision/purpose-first orientations will be exposed and uprooted.

A healthy leader’s identity and value centers around the person and work of Christ; he or she knows they are significant because they are in Christ. Fortunately, God has made a way for us to avoid collateral damage in relationships to steer clear of the all-too-common selfish leader’s unbridled obsession with so-called success and the fulfillment of their own vision, purpose and calling. Indeed, there is a biblical way to see all parties involved in God’s vision win; this way begins with humility on the part of the leader.

The third and last portion focuses on the HEARING/HANDS. This section combines the HEART and HEAD sections to instruct the leader in how to practically and biblically respond to God while leading others. After the Holy Spirit has begun heart-healing and has adjusted the perspective of the leader toward others, then new directives—more pure and more clear— can arrive from heaven (Rom. 12:1-2). Heavy emphasis will be placed upon increasing the leader’s ability to hear the true voice of the Lord through teaching, interactive exercises, practice and listening prayer. Healthy leadership requires that obstacles and hindrances to discerning the voice of the Lord be uncovered and severed by God’s grace.

Also, God always speaks for us to hear AND obey, which involves our HANDS (Mt. 7:21-27; Lk. 6:46-49). God frequently gives a commission when we hear the voice of the Lord. Accordingly, the goal is for areas of disobedience, fear, independence, rebellion and passivity which hinder obedience to be confronted and vanquished by the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The leader will depart with a much more clear and comprehensive understanding of what God is asking of them in this season of their lives with a healthier, “safer” framework toward others to accomplish their ministerial mission.

The faculty will include Chandler and China Cleveland and other ministry-seasoned, mature instructors and prayer team leaders.